In the crypto world a Bounty campaign is a rewards program that should be the part of the ICO promotion campaign. It is designed to  incentivize participants to spread the word about an upcoming Crowdsale, and compensating them with the tokens or coins, issued after the ICO is successfully finalized.

How Bounty Marketing/Bounty Campaign Works for ICO promotion?

A Bounty campaign is a marketing initiative in the world of crypto innovation that includes the following types of ICO promotion activities:

BitcoinTalk Signature and Avatar Campaigns:

Users of BitcoinTalk who have earned a certain rank and merit within the platform can participate by using avatars and signatures suggested by the program. Usually users are required to make a minimum amount of releavent posts in order to give exposure to the signature or avatar they are wearing.

Social Media :

This may include posting, sharing, liking, reacting, commenting,  following on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, and Telegram.

Translation, Moderation & Community Management:

Users are asked to translate or proofread whitepapers, pitch decks, one pagers. websites, announcement threads, and other promotions materials into the listed languages. They are also asked to manage the community threads for their chosen language.

Referral/Affiliate Programs:

Participants are compensated for inviting others to join the crowdsale. 

Bug Bounty:

This is a good option for companies who haven’t performed a proper audit of their smart contract. Users in the community are asked to help identify vulnerabilities and bugs in the code. It is however highly advises to perform bug bounty campaign in addition to not instead of security audit. Bug bounty should not be used as a substitution to a thorough professional audit and testing procedures. 


Participants are encouraged to write articles, distribute information via newsletters, and record YouTube videos. The higher the impact, the greater the reward. It is important though to be able to validate the authenticity of social media accounts and ownership of the produced content.

Fake hunt bounty

Users are motivated to identify and neutralize fake news, fraudulent attempts and other suspicious activity that may harm ICO campaign. We have described use cases of it in another blog post .


Commonly users are compensated via the company’s future currency, though many companies also offer Ethers or Bitcoins or other cryptos. While this practice may be effective, it is advisable to motivate and reward users with your own tokens rather than liquid fiat currency. This reinforces the fact that the most important element of a successful crowdsale is community building.  You want to surround your project with supporters who believe in it’s success and are ready to commit their time and effort into its growth and development – which is the ultimate goal of a smartly designed ICO bounty campaign.

A participant’s acceptance of the company’s token as a payment for their work also proves their faith and confidence in the company’s future profitability. Spreading the word about the company is in their best interest since they want the ICO to be successful and their tokens to gain value. This also explains why 40% of bounty participants will eventually buy your tokens – they put their sweat into it and so it’s logical that they’ll put their money into it too. It’s as rational as an employee of a publicly traded company acquiring that company’s stock. He works for the company therefore he believes in its profitability.

Being involved in a Bounty campaign gives people a chance to become part of something new, innovative, and transformative.  No paid campaign will ever result in such dedication – it will buy you manpower, but lack real motivation.

Wouldn’t you be proud to say that you were an early supporter of Ethereum and were among the selected bounty participants – wouldn’t it be flattering to know that you have an instinct for recognizing great ideas?

This is the power of a Bounty marketing and it should be the core initiative of any company that considers an ICO as a fundraising mechanism. No other PR initiative or advertising campaign or road show participation will yield such results.

To plan your Bounty campaign answer the following questions: where is your target audience, who are the potential users of the product, and what community will utilize it best. This will provide lots of ideas for what components your bounty should consist of. And of course you will need to find a good bounty manager.

Some quick examples: If your future users are techies, then you need to allocate most of the awards to the signature and avatar initiatives within If your users are more likely to hang around social media, then design a campaign that involves and awards social media influencers in your business niche. 

Don’t copy somebody else’s bounty campaign – it won’t do you any good. You have a unique set of goals, so your campaign should be custom and tailored to fit them.

Based on our experience, knowing whom to award and when to award, determining the critical mass of influencers required to receive the necessary exposure, and making the campaign attractive to them will make your crowdsale succeed.

Remember, launching and managing a Bounty campaign is just as important and crucial as having a smart contract – don’t underestimate it. Your Bounty campaign’s success is proportionate to your crowdsale’s success.

If we omitted something important please leave a comment or email us. We would be happy to update the article with useful suggestions and make a clear roadmap for anyone seeking advice on Bounty campaigning.

Stay tuned!

Sincerely Team