Please go thru our ICO policy before reaching out to us.
We prefer working with clients who have been referred to us, and offer a 10% discount.

The reason for this is trust. It takes time to establish confidence, and if you are coming to us referred by someone whom we have worked with in the past it makes our job easier and thus 10% more affordable for you!

We don’t provide references. Anymore.

We did in the past, when the volume of inquiries allowed us to filter out noise and get to the real deals. Now we, on average, receive hundreds of inquiries monthly, most asking for “proof of work” from past clients who succeeded in an ICO. Often times this results in networking attempts and advisor proposals which harm us more than the potential benefit of doing business with a new client.

Can I call you now?

We don’t provide consultations anymore. We publish educational materials on our blog here, but currently our schedule is several months overbooked to be able to mentor potential clients over the phone. If you are willing to talk to us in order to gain trust we can schedule a 10 minute call with a clear agenda, agreed beforehand—though we doubt that hearing a voice over the phone builds that much trust. If you insist on having the call please note: we won’t be able to give you lectures on how an ICO is different from an IPO, or answer questions like “why do I need a Bounty”, “how many tokens should I be issuing”, “how much money did you raise”, etc. Such questions can be discussed via email. Phone calls are reserved for discovering the opportunities of working together and on the introductory stage, they are limited to 10 minutes, and should be booked in advance.


Our fees can be checked here. Unfortunately, due to the natural desire to eat and keep the lights on we cannot work based on the future fees received after an ICO. Sorry. One more important thing: we break projects into milestones instead of charging a client the full price in advance. Milestones still have to be prepaid after signing the agreement.


We love emails. Smart contracts are all about clearly defined parameters that have to be executed. That is why we love to have everything organized in writing. We dismiss all proposals that contain “let’s finalize over a phone call”. The aftermath of “he said” “she said” is huge for the business.

Email works like an immutable ledger that allows us to track the train of thought and gives us a chance to think things over. If you decide to work with us please make sure that you are ready  to communicate in such a mode.

If the above has not scared you away, please drop us a line at and we will respond in time.